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We help you design, develop, build, industrialize, test and manufacture electronics and software with European quality standards.  As a result, we impact your top line and bottom line performances positively.

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Molding, Tooling, Packaging, Plastic Injection

Depaneling, Repair and Refurbishment of Telecommunication Equipment

Optical Interfaces, Training and Certifications, IPR Generation and Management

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Whatever is your idea, we help you realize your vision in to a  great product.  We assist you in every step of the product design, development, engineering, manufacturing, packaging, shipping, repairs, refurbishment and customer care.  Because of our in-depth knowledge in Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) and Design For Manufacturing (DFM), the results translate to faster delivery times and great savings.

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Our Products


WiiPiiDo is a compact high-performance single-board computer for Internet of Things. The WIIPIIDO board offers to solutions makers, solutions designers, IoT Professionals, IoT enthusiasts, hobbyists, PC DIY enthusiasts and others, a powerful and reliable hardware platform capable of turning your ideas into reality.


Lighting Gateways, Electronic Ballast for HID Lamps, Controllers for Conventional to Smart Lighting, Lamp Switches with Intensity Control, LED Drivers, Light Sensors, Flux Regulators, Dimming Buttons, Solar LED Drivers and Emergency Kits.

EV Charging

With a compact design, the EV Charger is the perfect solution for charging your plug-in electric vehicle when parked at indoor and outdoor spaces.
The system enables electric vehicles charging at home, condominiums, offices or establishments providing mode 3 type 2 electrical charging.


GEM – Global
Energy Meter, which allow us to remotely monitor a power grid, making all its
consumption available in real time through a web interface


Transmission/ Digital Fibre Optic Multiplex and copper pairs (SDH and PDH Technology), Analysis, management and quality control systems for telecommunication lines, Digital terrestrial television.

Interactive Whiteboard

Our interactive whiteboard allows you to use all the features present on a personal computer. Operating directly on the surface of the board, you can edit documents, manipulate files, use applications, play audio and video, and visit web sites, allowing you to share and act with the audience on evolving work, facilitating communication between stakeholders.

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