Lamp Switch

Controls the light intensity

Lamp Switch by Globaltronic

Lamp Switch

The lamp switch is an equipment that controls the light intensity of a specific luminaire or from a group of luminaires by pushbutton RF communication.

Through it, you will get the right atmosphere, with the right light for each environment.


Lamp Switch Specifications by Globaltronic

Dimensions: 52,35 x 46,00 x 19,90 mm

Weight: 300g

Material: Plastic PLA

Color: White

Key Features

  • Communication by radio frequency in mesh network, in ISM band for management platform, through a unique serial number.
  • Luminous flow ramp function when pressing button.
  • Push dimming button function.
  • 2 relay outputs for switching equipment.
  • Ability to control a specific luminaire or a group of luminaires.
  • Compatible with any type of luminaires.


 Energy savings

 Costs reduction

 Reduction of light pollution and CO2 emissions.

 Scalable network

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