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Automated and Flexible Platform

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Multi-Device Test Platform

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Substantially reduce the time to test electronic equipment with an “automated and flexible platform”. Automatic and reliable tests with a minimum of human intervention. Multi technology, multi vendor and multi model.

TestRunE automate the tests of electronic equipment and maintains registers of those tests for future use. The platform “interoperates automatically with several testing equipment” and returns statistic reports and information to guide eventual repair processes.


The advantages and efficiency of this platform are emphasised when a large number of tests must be done to a specific type of product. One of the uses of TestRunE is on customer premises equipment (CPE) of telecommunication operators (GPON ONTs, Set-top boxes and Gateway routers).

The high flexibility of TestRunE enables the adaptation to different test requirements and to different type of equipment using configuration script changes. TestRunE is agnostic to brand and technology by recognizing automatically the equipment being tested and loading automatically the correct test script.

The test platform can be also used to perform software updates.

Each operator can test several systems in parallel and asynchronously loading and unloading the CPEs independently as the tests finished.

TRC Gateway Test Results


TRC Repair Services

The tool is provided with the following components:

  • Base core software;
  • Base hardware with specific probes according to the technology of the equipment under test;
  • Web base user interface with bar code reader
  • Configuration scripts adapted to the specific equipment and test requirements;
  • Local or remote support services;
  • Training services for the tool operators.

Gateway Testing Probes

HGW’s (Home Gateways), commonly referred to as routers, are devices that implement the interface between the local area network (LAN) at the customer premises and the wide area network (WAN) – the Telecommunications Operator Network.

The WAN can be coaxial cable (DOCSIS), fibre cable (FTTH) or DSL copper line or mobile access.

TestRunE tests the basic data, voice and wireless parameters as well as offering a shielded Wi-Fi testing environment for accurate testing and avoiding external interferences.

The Wi-Fi testing is highly important for the customer experience and our probes are ready to test the latest WIFI technologies thoroughly with all the details.

TRC Repair Services
  • DOCSIS RF circuit data collecting;
  • FTTH/DSL/LTE interface data collecting;
  • The test system interfaces directly with the CPE under test to automate the test operation guided by test scripts;
  • Voice interface testing;
  • WAN throughput testing;
  • WiFi measurements

STB Testing Probes

STB Testing Probes by TRC

Graphical user interface (GUI) / Menu navigation testing

An internal OCR tool is used to obtain the values indicated in the GUI to validate the STB internal components functionalities;

Control of the power input of the STB

Automatic control of the STB using the infra-red, USB or keyboard interface;

Data can also be collected from the STB via SSH/Telnet;

The system captures still images, video and audio using grabber units;

TestRunE STB probes use video grabbers to evaluate the image result in each test. The tests can include video, audio, DOCSIS, Ethernet, internal hardware components, firmware functionalities, tuner and graphical user interface.

Test all outputs of STB;

Video and audio quality test of the several interfaces;

  • Video test
    • Detect image freezing;
    • Detect image absence;
    • Detect image blanking;
    • Detect image blocking
  • Audio Test
    • Detect audio absence;
    • Detect audio signal level;
    • Detect audio discontinuities;
  • Test all native resolutions of STB;
  • Test DVR when is applicable;
  • Test DVB-C Tuner
    • Tune one channel up and down;
    • Tune HD channel and SD channel;
    • Measure SNR and BER;
  • Test DVB-S Tuner
    • Tune one channel up and down;
    • Lock horizontal Polarization channel and validate video/audio;
    • Lock Vertical Polarization channel and validate video/audio;
  • Test DOCSIS
    • Check IP Connectivity;
    • Measure DOCSIS Parameters;

Reporting and Business Intelligence

TRC Online Access

A powerful BI interface build on top of the extracted test results data, will generate reporting, statistics and all the relevant indicators for operations and business management.

The test results are also fundamental to drive the repair process whenever it coexist at the same process line.

The customers of the services have online access to statistic data collected during the services executed over their equipment to monitor the work and helping to identify the most significant failures detected. In some cases, preventive maintenance can be done on the equipment under test to avoid future occurrence of the most probable failures. In some cases, the simple preventive replacement of a component that normally failures after some time of use avoids the future return of the same equipment for repair and avoids customer complains.

These services can be provided at TRC facilities, at customer facilities or at the customer’s logistic operator facilities.


  • Only one platform per type of equipment (Set Top Box, HGW/Router, ONT or other)

  • Automatic Test Platform is extremely versatile

    • Multi-Technology: Customers don’t need to have different test platforms to test CPEs from different network technologies (HFC/DOCSIS, Satellite, DVB-T, xDSL, FTTx, etc)
    • Multi-Vendor: Customers don’t need to have different test platforms to test equipment from different manufacturers
    • Multi-Model: Customers don’t need to have different test platforms to test different equipment models from the same equipment manufacturer
  • Fast new test cases implementation for new equipment models

    • The number of different equipment already implemented (Set-top-boxes, Routers, GPON ONTs among others) ease the implementation of new test cases using software scripts and with only minor hardware adaptations.
  • Very user friendly and efficient on testing centre plant

  • Completely flexible testing line scheduling

    • Versatile (multi-technology, multi-vendor, multi-model);
    • Equipment automatic recognition selects automatically the test case to be run;
    • The testing centre operator can test different CPE models even simultaneously;
    • No need to stop production for changing equipment models.
  • Easy staff management

    • Fast training and learning of testing centre operators
    • No need of high skills from the testing centre operators
  • High throughput / productivity

  • Data mining and BI allows high levels in technical management and productive management

About TRC

TRC – Test and Repair Company – is a Portuguese company dedicated to the Development and Production of Automated Test Platforms. TRC also have the skills and Knowhow to perform all type of Repair Level, from Level 1(Like connectors), until Level 4 (BGA exchange).

The goal is to develop solutions and processes that helps TELCO’s and reverse logistic operators to recover the maximum of Capex and at the same time reducing the costs with the reverse logistic process.

TRC develop solutions for Multi-Technology equipment testing, namely Set Top Boxes (STBs), Home Gateways (HGW), Optical Network Terminals (ONTs), ROUTERs.

TRC Repair Management

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Sustainable and efficient solution

The use of more efficient technologies allows us in a more sustainable and effective way, to reduce energy consumption and detect anomalies through real-time monitoring, and thus establish good conducts in the use of energy
Global Energy Meter Login by Globaltronic
Global Energy Meter Operations by Globaltronic


The main function of GEM is to monitor energy consumption of three-phase circuits. The data collected by the equipment will later be transported to a web platform through the direct connection to the existing network, which allows us to consult them, build reports and analyze the global consumption of the residential, commercial or industrial installation, and consequently check and optimize measures of energy efficiency.


The GEM allows those who manage the system to take advantage of a series of parameters such as: Optimization of electrical energy, characterization of the electrical loads of the installation, detection of anomalous consumption (overvoltages, undervoltages, peaks of current), power adequacy hired.
Global Energy Meter by Globaltronic-Side View


Dimensions of Global Energy Meter by Globaltronic

Dimensions: 106.5 x 55 x 90 mm

Consumption: 3W

Assembly: DIN rail or panel

Key Features

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Remote software update
  • Web access to equipment
  • Parameters available in real-time: instantaneous and average voltage, current, instantaneous and average power, energy totalizer, frequency and power factor
  • Visualization of data in tables and graphs
  • History can be filtered and organized
  • Export of data (totalizers, average and instant values)
  • Setting voltage and frequency variation limits. Alarm when they are exceeded
  • Management of equipment users and associated profiles
  • For single-phase and three-phase circuits


 Energy savings

 Reduced maintenance cost

 Reduced light pollution and CO2 emissions

 Remote management and monitoring

 Wireless platform

Global Energy Meter by Globaltronic-Front View

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Address: 691 S Milpitas Blvd, Suite#203, Milpitas, CA, 95035