MCD Light

Micro-cut Control System

MCD Light by Globaltronic

MCD Light

The MCD Light is a luminous flux regulation system for public lighting circuits with luminaires equipped with LED technology using micro-wave voltage cut-outs or timer actuation based on an internal clock.


MCD Light Specifications by Globaltronic

Dimensions: 89.90 x 18 x 65 mm

Protection Index: IP30

Consumption: < 1 Watt

Electrical Safety: Galvanic insulation between high-voltage and low-voltage

Key Features


Regulation of the flow by micro-cuts of the voltage wave

    • Control of luminaires by micro-cuts according to standard DEF-C71-421 / N
    • 7 levels of control from 40% to 100%
    • Adaptable to any 0-10 ballast
    • Luminous flow control limited to once every 5 minutes
    • Module consumption less than 1 Watt


By stand-alone timer

    • 5 preset levels from 40% to 100% in steps of 10%
    • Internal timer for actuation
    • Adaptable to any 0-10 ballast
    • Module consumption less than 1 Watt


 Reduced energy costs

 No operating costs

 Easy installation system

 Luminous flow control from 0 to 10

 Easily integrable into any type of luminaire or DIN rail 35mm

MCD Light Blow out by Globaltronic

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