Workflow Management

Operation and Management of a Reverse Logistics Center


Workflow Management by TRC

A system that collects information throughout the entire production process.

Organizes data to provide useful information for the operation and management of a reverse logistics center

  • Control and optimization of costs with materials and human resources.
  • Improve the quality of the service provided
  • Monitor productivity
  • Work force management
  • Bottlenecks Identification to optimize production


  • Production times at each stage of the process
  • Duration of each operation, dead times, total times
  • Operators involved in each process
  • Data for each piece of equipment (Serial number, model, test results, repair, refurbishment, cleaning, packaging and kitting operations)
Time Recording in Workflow by TRC


Barcode Printer used by TRC

The production control allows the printing of the label of the final packaging to be conditioned to the success of all operations in which the equipment has passed.

Quality assurance of the reinjected product

Reduce the number of false OK and false NOK

The information is passed by reading bar codes and QRCode, minimizing typing errors by operators and simplifying an operation.

Scanner used by TRC

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence of Workflow Mangement by TRC

The statistics of the most frequent problems detected in each model allow:

  • Negotiate product improvements with the manufacturer
  • Support the decision of which models to use in each type of customer or environment
  • Support the decision to discontinue more problematic equipment or with very frequent failures

Production and Productivity Reports

Several dashboards provide indicators for different areas: operation and management of the center, support, business and logistics.

Real-time control of indicators such as compromised Turn Around Time

Web-based Solution

  • Enables fast provisioning of solution access terminals
  • Real-time access to the information from anywhere and on different devices.
  • Update and change of procedures is controlled centrally and simultaneously throughout the operation


  • WMS geneates notifications in different situations so that they can be immediately corrected e.g.:

    • Identification of productivity drops from a bench or operator
    • Identification of gaps in effectiveness

History of Tests and Repairs

Maintain a history of tested and repaired equipment at the centre and identify the return to the centre of the same equipment with the same problem in a given period.

  • Alerting to a possible ineffective repair 
  • Identify the test bench and operator involved in processing this equipment.
  • Identify operational failures – machines and people
  • Implement preventive measures for certain types of solutions
Repair History in Workflow Management by TRC

About TRC

TRC – Test and Repair Company – is a Portuguese company dedicated to the Development and Production of Automated Test Platforms. TRC also have the skills and Knowhow to perform all type of Repair Level, from Level 1(Like connectors), until Level 4 (BGA exchange).

The goal is to develop solutions and processes that helps TELCO’s and reverse logistic operators to recover the maximum of Capex and at the same time reducing the costs with the reverse logistic process.

TRC develop solutions for Multi-Technology equipment testing, namely Set Top Boxes (STBs), Home Gateways (HGW), Optical Network Terminals (ONTs), ROUTERs.

TRC Repair Management

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Sustainable and efficient solution

The use of more efficient technologies allows us in a more sustainable and effective way, to reduce energy consumption and detect anomalies through real-time monitoring, and thus establish good conducts in the use of energy
Global Energy Meter Login by Globaltronic
Global Energy Meter Operations by Globaltronic


The main function of GEM is to monitor energy consumption of three-phase circuits. The data collected by the equipment will later be transported to a web platform through the direct connection to the existing network, which allows us to consult them, build reports and analyze the global consumption of the residential, commercial or industrial installation, and consequently check and optimize measures of energy efficiency.


The GEM allows those who manage the system to take advantage of a series of parameters such as: Optimization of electrical energy, characterization of the electrical loads of the installation, detection of anomalous consumption (overvoltages, undervoltages, peaks of current), power adequacy hired.
Global Energy Meter by Globaltronic-Side View


Dimensions of Global Energy Meter by Globaltronic

Dimensions: 106.5 x 55 x 90 mm

Consumption: 3W

Assembly: DIN rail or panel

Key Features

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Remote software update
  • Web access to equipment
  • Parameters available in real-time: instantaneous and average voltage, current, instantaneous and average power, energy totalizer, frequency and power factor
  • Visualization of data in tables and graphs
  • History can be filtered and organized
  • Export of data (totalizers, average and instant values)
  • Setting voltage and frequency variation limits. Alarm when they are exceeded
  • Management of equipment users and associated profiles
  • For single-phase and three-phase circuits


 Energy savings

 Reduced maintenance cost

 Reduced light pollution and CO2 emissions

 Remote management and monitoring

 Wireless platform

Global Energy Meter by Globaltronic-Front View

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Address: 691 S Milpitas Blvd, Suite#203, Milpitas, CA, 95035