FutPON - Future Passive Optical Networks

Duration: 2015-2017

Funding Sources: European Union: H2020-EU.2.1.1 – Industrial Leadership

Leadership in Enabling Industrial Technologies – Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

In the last 10 years, PT Inovação and IT have launched two major R&D initiatives for the development of Passive Optical Networks (PON): GPON and NGPON2. 

These proved to be a success and the effort expended allowed us to reach the world technological leadership. However, broadband services are in full growth and research needs to be focused on this evolution in order to keep up with market trends and to help define them. 

In order to achieve this growth and consolidate global technological leadership, PT Inovação and IT launched the present project with the objective of developing the next generation PON, creating complete, innovative solutions worldwide with a view to the global market, where different PON technologies exist. 

To this end, it is intended to create comprehensive network solutions, PtP WDM- PON(evolution of GPON technology), 10GEPON / NGEPON(evolution of EPON technology) and GFast(evolution of ADSL technology), which also allow coexistence with legacy technologies, XGPON, EPON, ADSL).

The next generation PONs or the future of PONs lies in this set of innovative technologies, which we call FutPON technologies. The technological evolution for the next generation PONs presupposes the development of advanced and innovative OLT and ONT platforms equipped with features and components of great complexity in optoelectronics, electronics and management.

An exponential increase in bandwidth, improvement in services dedicated to mobile communications, interoperability between different technologies, as well as through the development of integrated optical circuits and the reduction of costs and other essential characteristics such as occupied space or power the most important evolutions of these new technologies.

The integration of these evolutions allows to position these technologies, in addition to the residential component in the business segments, mobile backhaul and cloud connectivity. 

With this project, PT Inovação will have a unique network solution, where only one platform is intended to fulfill all the requirements of the different PON network markets, constituting a technological response to the future needs of bandwidth in various industries.

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