HeatIT - Heat Management in Highly Sensitive Optoelectronic Circuitry

Duration: 2016-2019

Funding Sources: Programa Operacional Regional do Centro-33/SI/2015-PROJETOS DE I&DT EMPRESAS EM COMPROMOCAO


Partners: PICadvanced S.A., Instituto de Telecomunicacoes, HFA-Henrique, Fernando & Alves S.A

To face increased complexity in optoelectronic components, PICadvanced and its members who have a high level of know-how in terms of optoelectronics based in PICs (Photonic integrated Circuits), packaging and thermal management of optoelectronic components, joined HFA. 

HFA has deep experience over the years in Electronics, Industrialization of electronics, and IT.  HFA’s DNA is to contribute actively to the development of telecommunications technology to create a disruptive and innovative line of products that has all the features to dominate the market of NG-PON2 transceivers. 

In this project, we intended to develop an optoelectronic transceiver line for NG-PON2 whose distinguishing features are that they are based on PICs that will accompany the increased complexity of the optical layer, designed to optimize dissipated power management by the various optoelectronic components, making viable products from an economic point of view for operators and compliant with international standards, and still have a high electronic density in order to monitor the processing needs that high bit rates imposed and at the same time fit within the various pluggable formats which are addressed.

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