Materializing ideas and ambitions with product engineering

We create integrated solutions rich in personality, detail and innovation tailored to your needs and ambitions.

All Globaltronic developments are "prepared to meet the certification process" and all design and technical details are considered to ensure the product future certification.

Globaltronic works in close relation with the certification authorities, that advice and supports the product development.


From the idea to the final product, Globaltronic offers tailored services in the development of custom electronics, aimed specifically at the design of hardware, firmware and software, guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

We have an experienced team, who follows all stages of evolution of your idea, respecting your specific requirements and needs, and ensuring the success of the final product.

The Globaltronic team can take your design from concept through prototypes and production. We can also work on specific tasks to support your needs.


Globaltronic also performs prototyping services for customers’ developed designs, ensuring the purchasing of the components and their assembling according to the customers’ supplied work package.

All development services are supported by a prototyping phase of the product to ensure that all customers’ requirements are being met and ensuring improvements to the production process.


Globaltronic provides its customers with small-scale productions. This service can be used for final production validation or for product validation with customers’ Beta clients, before mass production. Consequently, corrective/preventive measures can be implemented in the process of manufacturing the electronic solution.

This service guarantees the customers’ small-scale productions up to 100 units at a time or larger if spaced in time.

Because A great Business comes from a great idea, Globaltronic offers comprehensive project management. From initial market research to specification, engineering, design through manufacturing, we assure departamental coordination and product development efficiency. Globaltronic is a Portuguese SME launched in September 2002 at the city of Águeda. We are an innovative company specialized in the development of integration solutions encompassing Hardware, Firmware and software.

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