Manufacturing the future

"Industrialization" of your products with best quality and turn-around-time

At HFA and Uartronica, we work with the highly competitive "Telecommunication and Automobile markets" and we are successful for the last "25 years".

Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

As part of our Design for Manufacturing (DFM), we get involved with our customers in understanding and developing the designs so that a clear roadmap for sourcing of components is drawn and manufacturing capacities are prepared to meet your delivery goals.


End-to-End Production

We can transform a customer idea or requirement into a product. This transformation involves hardware, software, firmware development, mechanical parts and molds for plastic development.


Our EMS technology is state of the art and we are continuously investing to keep up with the latest technologies and training our engineers.

Our path is marked by a systematic and supported sustained growth, resulting in certification of our QMS in compliance with all requirements of the Telecommunications and Automotive Industry, and from since then we have been consolidating our position in this these sectors.

About HFA and Uartronica

Industrialization of electronic systems and the production of prototypes, pre-series and large series.  Production of prototypes includes technical monitoring, development support from embryonic stage of the project to the production/industrialization.  As part of our manufacturing and assembling services, we also provide purchasing, storage, management and logistics of materials and assembling of electronic components on printed circuit boards (SMT, THT, Testing, Cabling, Labeling and Packaging in a box).

HFA Production

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