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Repair Services

Inside TRC, we have the capability to perform "all type of repairs and refurbishment" of the equipment. TRC also provides support and training if the reverse logistic process is to be performed by a 3rd party or internally by the final customer.

TRC Automatic Test Platform

Reliable Automatic Test Platform

Design, build and supply fast and reliable automatic test platform for electronic equipment according to customer needs, providing:

  • Hardware and software of the test platform
  • A script based test software system for fast reconfiguration and adaptation to the equipment to be tested.
  • The support service of the automatic test platforms
  • Training services for the operators of the automatic test platform
TRC Testing Service

Testing Services

TRC can provide the test services operating the automatic test platforms at:

  • Customer Facilities
  • TRC Facilities
  • 3rd Party Facilities
TRC Repairing Service

Repairing and Refurbishing Services

TRC provides repair and refurbishing using the TRC automated test tool to execute the test in a faster and efficient way:

  • Screening
  • Software upgrade
  • Repairs in warranty and out of warranty
  • Mechanical repair
  • Component level repair
  • DOAs management
  • Refurbishing


TRC provides the repair services of CPEs NOK and the refurbishing services of equipment ready to reinject, at:

  • Customer Facilities
  • TRC Facilities
  • 3rd Party Facilities
TRC Repairing Service

Repair Services

Electronics repair isn’t just a fast solution — it’s also a cost-effective one. A repair will cost you a fraction of what a brand-new machine or device will.

Extending the lifetime of your equipment helps ensure your investments give you the best possible return.

Electronics repair is also a contribution to a sustainable society. In the telecom market, more than 60% of the new installations benefit from refurbished equipment representing a huge contribution to waste reduction and to a healthier planet.

TRC can provide four levels of repair can be provided:

  • Level 0 – reconfiguration, firmware and software upgrades;
  • Level 1 – replacement of connectors and passive elements, cables and mechanical elements;
  • Level 2 – replacement of active elements of the equipment that include standard integrated circuits, electronic modules and displays;
  • Level 3 – Repair that include replacement of application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and BGA integrated circuits and processors;

In the context of a reverse logistic process, the repair process integrated in the same location of the other processes (testing, refurbishing, cleaning, kitting and packaging) avoid additional transport of equipment reducing time and the number of necessary testing.

The turn around time of the full reverse logistic process is reduced and a continuous flow can be implemented for the whole process.

The repair process can benefit from the test results at the beginning of the process to aid repair strategies and speedup the operations.

About TRC

TRC – Test and Repair Company – is a Portuguese company dedicated to the Development and Production of Automated Test Platforms. TRC also have the skills and Knowhow to perform all type of Repair Level, from Level 1(Like connectors), until Level 4 (BGA exchange).

The goal is to develop solutions and processes that helps TELCO’s and reverse logistic operators to recover the maximum of Capex and at the same time reducing the costs with the reverse logistic process.

TRC develop solutions for Multi-Technology equipment testing, namely Set Top Boxes (STBs), Home Gateways (HGW), Optical Network Terminals (ONTs), ROUTERs.

TRC Repair Management

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