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Reverse Logistic Services

Reverse Logistics by TRC

Refurbishment of electronic is widely used in businesses where the equipment belongs to the operator of the service examples are the customer premises equipment of the telecom and energy markets.

The equipment returning to the warehouse after a maintenance operation or resulting of churn, can be refurbished to be ready for a new installation.

This operation usually includes testing of the equipment, software update, cleaning and eventually changing of some exterior parts like the housing or panels to make is as new. Painting, polishing, serigraph and pad printing are operations used to recover old housing and panels.

Reverse Logistic Packaging by TRC

At the end of the process the equipment is packed with the accessories like cables, AC/DC converters and manuals and the equipment is ready for a new life.

If the repairing is added to the reverse logistic process there are even more advantages with reductions on transport to other centres, reduction on the number of testes need and even integration of information from the test to aid the repair process.

The reverse logistic process reduces the need for new equipment acquisitions, and reduces stock.

The turn around is normally less than a week from the arrival to the centre to be ready for shipping to the network.

About TRC

TRC – Test and Repair Company – is a Portuguese company dedicated to the Development and Production of Automated Test Platforms. TRC also have the skills and Knowhow to perform all type of Repair Level, from Level 1(Like connectors), until Level 4 (BGA exchange).

The goal is to develop solutions and processes that helps TELCO’s and reverse logistic operators to recover the maximum of Capex and at the same time reducing the costs with the reverse logistic process.

TRC develop solutions for Multi-Technology equipment testing, namely Set Top Boxes (STBs), Home Gateways (HGW), Optical Network Terminals (ONTs), ROUTERs.

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